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Love and marriage do indeed go together 'like a horse and carriage' when the partners are Taurus and Cancer. There is natural compatibility between these.

You have a soft heart and you can be very compassionate and generous.

February 11 Zodiac - Full Horoscope Personality

In fact, in many cases, you are so concerned with other people that you put yourself at risk. You have to polish it.

Born On February 11 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

You have to keep practicing and expand your comfort zone. You have to know that there is such a thing as practicality. Maybe ten years ago, it would have been a noble cause, but not now. Maybe in the future it would be worth the time and bother, but not now.

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In the case of people born on the 11 th of February, the aspect of air that is most readily apparent in their personality is their visionary side. Air is like knowledge in the sense that sustains us and enriches us.

February 11 cancer birthday horoscope

You cannot live for long without air. You are driven by principles, and you feel like you cannot live unless you stick to your principles no matter what. While a lot can be said about how remote, distant, and cold Uranus can be, one key aspect of this planet that shines forth in your personality is its impact on consciousness. This is so appropriate to you because you tend to put up with a lot just to pursue principles. Avoid your tendency to go to extremes.

Gold is very valuable precisely because it is so versatile.

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It can be used as an industrial input, it can also be used as money or jewelry. Gold has many uses.

What's a cusp in astrology?

The luckiest numbers for those born on the 11 th of February are — 1, 12, 24, 36, 40, and One thing people born under the 11th February zodiac as an Aquarius often find that their kindness and good nature is under constant threat of being taken advantage of.

Because of this, people born on 11th February often end up taking jobs they think have prospects and moral integrity, but end up being shifty organisations with fuzzy goals and unkind management. Unfortunately, many companies and corporations are too set in their ways to change for the better. In the worst-case scenarios, this sense of misplaced loyalty can have you stick to companies that are doomed to shutter their windows as their strategies fail time and time again.

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Be careful! On the other hand, you are very hard to get because there is a reason why you stick to your ideas long past their usefulness. Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search. Contents What is your Zodiac Sign if you were born on February 11? Hey there!

Story from Horoscopes. Do you believe you can fly? On the 10th, the sun received its Jupiter booster shot and on the 13th, Mercury, planet of learning, gets one, too.

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Jupiter is providing us with a glimpse at the big picture — the sense that each one of our actions adds up to a larger, better whole. Jupiter has been known to blow hot air into insecure egos. This may get us what we want in the short-term but the second our egos deflate back to regular size, we may not know how to handle it. To make the most of this enthusiastic Jupiterian mood, open your mind to all the possibilities and aim for actions that benefit the most people yourself included.

This partial solar eclipse is subtler than the super emotional lunar eclipse that took place on January 31, and will likely feel nicer. The eclipsing sun and moon aligned in Aquarius is a gentle nudge to release group identities that no longer fit and own our unique ideas, political ideals and perspectives instead. Insights go off like tiny fireworks through the weekend, as we fall into a creative slumber. Your subconscious has secrets to tell you, but it needs a quiet place to whisper them.

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