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Love and marriage do indeed go together 'like a horse and carriage' when the partners are Taurus and Cancer. There is natural compatibility between these.

Affectionate, their ambition is strong, though they never lose sight of personal relationships. Their romantic view of life is tinged with melancholy. They never regret an opportunity taken.

●Your characteristics, fate and fortune born on February 26

February 26 natives always seem to be surrounded by a group. They have a way of making everyone feel indispensable. With an exceptionally romantic nature, they have a reputation for investing their lovers with more virtues and charms than they possess. People born on this date often harbor anger toward their upbringing. Therapy can help them cope with this. Although they have the potential to be good parents, they may feel jealousy when they see how much easier it is for their children compared to what they experienced. February 26 people take pride in their appearance, which motivates them to exercise.

They are concerned with retaining their youthful good looks and are likely to adapt their nutritional habits toward achieving this aim. February 26 individuals like to master their fates. They have the discipline to work for others, but prefer not to, feeling they must go their own way to achieve their desired level of success. This is your personality — and, I will say, there is little you can do about it. Being honest and saying what you feel is not your strong point. And when you experience emotional hurt, this will remain in your heart for quite a very long time. In terms of weaknesses, you can be easily be manipulated since you sometimes lack the endurance to overcome all obstacles.

It is easy to sometimes make a wrong choice in the face of issues, especially if you listen to negative people. When it comes to your professional life, I have already said that you enjoy writing and being creative but you can do a whole array of jobs. There might be problems with being aggressive and you will try to maintain an authoritative attitude even though at times you find it hard to achieve it. If you happen to be educated, you are capable of being a professional in your job. Try not to lose your self-esteem.

You are even capable of challenging others to become better and try to achieve a goal that is common. People love you because of this characteristic in you. In conflict: You are fortunate when you feel that others are on your side without having to explain a lot of things and spending so many words on something that is a clear picture according to your own conscious mind. There is a certain desire to be accepted in your friendships and environment as you get older, you often engage in some how shall I put it!

I do feel that because of the moon aspect of your zodiac sign, you are generally idealistic, compassionate, and gentle.

Having such a warning idealistic side means that you will find the strength to constantly work and sacrifice towards your goals. Most of the time you find yourself pursuing causes that are lost, or you try to heal and make others better, this means that at times you are very sensitive or depressed. Despite your good intentions, at times you feel nothing seems to work even though you try harder. Oh, and you need to start fighting the right battles, not every battle when you reach around 45 years old. Ok, as your birth is February 26, you are a Pisces, defined in zodiac terms as a super friend!

You are someone who is extremely loyal.

Your Astrological Chart Cusp

Whatever setbacks or challenges you encounter, you can always be counted on. Oh, and you will do anything in order to help out your friends. Apart from spending time with your mates and encouraging them, you will work with them in achieving their dream or sorting out their problems.

Due to the water element in your sign, you are a very sensitive person. This can get you down. On the other hand, this is positive because it shows compassion and empathy, but it is important to know where to draw the line. At times you end up absorbing so much of the problems of others that you end up making life difficult and complicated for yourself in the process. In terms of the most compatible zodiac signs, these are Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer and to a lesser extent Leo and Virgo.

You have a tremendous desire to help others when they are in distress and you do it well. As I have already detailed you are best suited to the Scorpio star sign, this is because you translate your energy into love matters, treating your partner with respect. You are a real friend to others — and they equally become a passionate lover.


Plus, you get involved with others. At times you can become too emotional and this creates emotional stress from your partner and thus, may create more problems than it seems. You do have a tremendous desire to help others when they are in distress and you do this very well. This is translated into the same focus into love matters, treating your partner with respect, you will become a passionate lover. There is a focus on trying to do the right thing, you also need to find solutions quickly. You can become too emotional, creating emotional stress from your partner and thus, your problem can bring more you more problems than it seems in the first place.

February 26 Birthday Horoscope

Although you tend to pick up the most delicate feelings of people around you and adapt to them like a chameleon, you prefer optimistic and cheerful, and your perfect partners are such. You quickly gain friends, but sometimes you need to be alone and are not willing to socialize. You are that type of a lover that is seductive and passionate in bed. You are thrilled to satisfy your partner and your partner should expect a lot of enjoyment when they are in a relationship with you. You need to have an emotional connection first before becoming physical. It only happens when you fall in love and feel like you care.

February 26th Birthday Horoscope

You expect stability, strength, and protection from your partner. You are always out looking for attention. You can easily show your sensitivity, sadness, and if things get more intense, you end up loving your partner more than yourself. You are normally very vague, and when you get to another hug, there is a reason for that. Because of being a Pisces, you can at times be shy and thus, unable to show out your affection in an obvious way.

You live to please others because love is very big in your life and you treat it as your ultimate goal. You value love so much to the extent that you can sacrifice your life for your love for your partner. Even though it is something good in many contexts, it is likely going to hold you. You are very successful in your life careers irrespective of what it is. Your motto is to work hard and play hard. You are intelligent and valuable in various jobs and you can choose what you will do since you have the talents to do anything as far as career is concerned. You can be found in various professions, but you are good when it comes to art and any other form of creativity.

Whatever you say to others, they need to accept it without thinking, you are telling the truth and if not, in your mind, you have done a perfect job and thus, everything is ok. Some of the ways you think are adaptable at a given time, but the essence remains the same. Those who work with, you need to have a lot of patience and tact, because, at times, you can become very demanding.

It takes a lot of time worshiping your big imagination like many business ventures are announced and left unfinished. You are thinking that there is still time and that it will come in a row. You are suited for work that involves healing or counseling other people through affirmation and words.

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You can be a good inspirational person and when people are in your company, they feel a tremendous sense of reconciliation and healing. The part of your personality that makes peace is open to everyone. In most cases, you would rather take the hit as far as social criticism goes in order to reconcile with others. There is a strong, selfless part of you.